Herzliya covers an area of approximately 22 square kilometers. It is the posh city of the « Gush Dan », located 12 km from Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean coast.

The western part of the city is on the Mediterranean coast and has a marina and a large high-tech center, earning it the nickname of “Silicon Valley”. There are two sides of Herzliya: the merkaz district, where the Interdisciplinary Center is located, which is a prestigious private university, particularly renowned for its schools of business, law and government, diplomacy and strategy, including the International Institute for the Research on Terrorism. The School organizes the annual international conference of Herzliya, in which many academics from all over the world participate, in order to discuss international issues. On the other side is the seaside district called Herzliya Pituah, where there is a beautiful beach (6 km), and where the Israeli elites and many foreign diplomats reside over there.

The city has a marina with 800 places. It is the largest marina in the Middle East. Despite the young age of the resort, people have lived there for several millennia. It also has many high-end hotels, intended mainly for tourists and business guests.

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