Raanana is an Israeli city of approximately 80,000 inhabitants, northeast of Tel Aviv, in the southern Sharon region. Raanana is only 30 minutes from Tel Aviv and 20 minutes from Herzliya beach. Its intimate side but close to big cities attracts more and more French people. Ideal for families, Raanana makes it a point of honor to educate children where schools push for excellence.

The city has many immigrants who also come from English-speaking countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, France, Italy, Brazil and Argentina.

With many immigrant communities, Ra’anana offers a heterogeneous way of life, allowing newcomers to adapt smoothly and have a real family-centered, with the possibility of buying houses, unlike Tel Aviv.

It is also a so-called “green” city, where moreover the Lev Hapark is the largest park in Raanana where there are large green spaces: pleasant for family picnics, a zoo and many playgrounds’ games for children. This park is a little corner of paradise allowing you to disconnect from reality for a walk.

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