Rishon lezzion

is located on the central coastal strip of the country, 12 km south of Tel Aviv and is currently the 4th largest city in Israel after Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The city, whose name means “The First to Zion” from a Bible verse, was originally a « Moshava » ( a Zionist agricultural settlement ) founded in 1882 by members of the Zionist group « Lovers of Zion »  during the first Aliyah, and which flourished in the agriculture and viticulture field with the financial help of the Baron Edmond of Rothschild. Rishon LeZion and Petah Tikva are the first two Zionist settlements in the country.

Today Rishon LeZion is firmly active in emphasizing social, sporting and cultural life, as well as economic development, while protecting its cachet of the past. Old and new immigrants alike, whose three largest groups are from North Africa, Russians and French speakers, are all determined to ensure that their city continues to be one of the most attractive, whether in education, culture, urban planning, transport and of course economic development.

As for the city, it is modernized daily, new districts are constantly being created with large green spaces, the emphasis always being placed on ecology first and foremost as well as on the comfort and pleasure of the inhabitants.

The beautiful Rishon Lezion Riviera attracts both locals and tourists, the small zoo « Hai Kef » is a great place for families and children as is the dinosaur park, the play park « Superland »  which is one of the largest and most visited parks in the country. And the Palace of Culture where shows and other events take place on a daily basis. Sport is not neglected and in addition to the stadium and country clubs there are always numerous programs and events for children and adults. Not to mention the large shopping centers as well as shops, bars, restaurants and other places to buy or go out.

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